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اثر جین وبستر از انتشارات قدیانی - مترجم: مهرداد مهدویان-ادبیات آمریکا

When Jerusha Abbott, an eighteen-year-old girl living in an orphan asylum, was told that a mysterious millionaire had agreed to pay for her education, it was like a dream come true. For the first time in her life, she had someone she could pretend was family. But everything was not perfect, for he chose to remain anonymous and asked that she only write him concerning her progress in school. Who was this mysterious gentleman and would Jerusha ever meet him?

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تمام دلخوشی دنیای من به این است که ندانی و دوستت بدارم
وقتی میفهمی و میرانی ام چیزی درون دلم فرو میریزد ... چیزی شبیه غرور

بابا لنگ دراز عزیزم لطفا گاهی خودت را به نفهمیدن بزن و بگذار دوستت بدارم ... بعد از تو هیچکس الفبای روح و خطوط قلبم را نخواهد خواند ... نمیگذارم ... نمیخواهم

بابا لنگ درازِ من ، همین که هستی دوستت دارم ... حتی سایه ات را که هرگز به آن نمیرسم
هیچ کلمه یا جمله ای نمی تونه احساس فوق العاده ای که به این کتاب داشتم رو توصیف کنه.ای کاش همه ی جودی های روی زمین یه بابالنگ دراز مهربون و خوش قلب داشته باشن که بتونن همیشه و هر وقت غصه داشتند برایش نامه بنویسند تا حال دلشان تازه شود

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بابای عزیز عزیز عزیزم

عقل در کله تان نیست؟مگر نمی دانید نباید به یک دختر،هفده هدیه ی کریسمس داد؟
خواهش می کنم یادتان باشد که من سوسیالیست هستم.
می خواهید مرا تبدیل به یک خر پول گردن کلفت بکنید؟
آخر به این فکر کنید که اگر دعوامان شد چه قدر من توی عذاب می افتم!
باید یک کامیون کرایه کنم تا هدیه ها ی تان را پس بفرستم.
ببخشید،شال گردنی که من فرستادم خیلی کج و کوله است‌،با دست خودم آن را بافتم
(بدون شک این موضوع را از شواهد به دست آمده از خود هدیه،کشف کرده اید).
باید آن را روزهای سرد ببندید و دکمه های پالتوی تان را تا بالا سفت بیندازید و بسته نگه دارید!
یک دنیا متشکرم بابا جون. به نظر من شما مهربان ترین مرد عالم هستید و خل ترین آن ها!
بفرمایید،این هم یک شبدر که از اردوی مک براید چیدم و سال نو برای تان شگون دارد.

مشاهده لینک اصلی
ჯობდა, ისეთ ასაკში წამეკითხა, სათაურთან გარყვნილი ასოციაციები რომ არ გამიჩნდებოდა და პედოფილიის მნიშვნელობა არ ვიცოდი.

مشاهده لینک اصلی
How had I never come across this book before!? This was a wonderful, fun read. I wish I had read this as a young adult as I think I would have enjoyed it even more.

The book is told from the POV of Jerusha Abbott, a seventeen year old orphan who, up until this point, has lived her entire life at the John Grier Home for orphans. In the opening, a narrator informs us that an unnamed trustee of the orphanage has offered to send Jerusha to college on the conditions that she doesnt know who he is and she writes him a letter every month (but he will never write her back).

The rest of the book is written in epistolary form as Jerusha fulfills her side of the agreement and writes to her unknown benefactor. She calls him Daddy Long Legs based on the one time she saw his elongated shadow.

Jerushas voice is fresh, fun and light, making it entertaining as she relates even the mundane aspects of her life. One day her letter would include questions that she knows hell never answer, another day the letter would be written in a 17th century style of speaking shes learning in class. The style of writing would frequently change reflecting Jerushas different moods on any given day, giving her character a new complexity, as well as keeping the story new and interesting. My only complaint is that she almost sounded a little too young. Her familiar and joking tone sometimes sounded more like a thirteen or fourteen year old rather than seventeen. The book covers her entire college experience so by the end she is twenty-one/two and has started to sound a little older, but that is also probably partly due to the more mature topics she started writing about.

Regardless, I was surprised by how entertained and engaged I was in the story when nothing really exciting even happened. There were no twists and turns in the story, just one girl enjoying her college experience and growing as a person. Its definitely a credit to the writing in that respect. I even guessed who the unknown benefactor was about half way through and still enjoyed the entire ride. I would have wished for a little more information at the end from said benefactor, like his motives for putting Jerusha through school, but the the last letter is from Jerusha after she finds out and it was somewhat light on the details.

Still, an incredibly well done, enjoyable book. Its nice to read a book one in a while for its superior writing rather than a completely plot driven story. I plan to follow up with the sequel which focuses on Jerushas friend Sallie.

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This is the first book I read in English; I was about 15-16 years old at the time. I studied the language with my beloved teacher, Galina Vasilievna, in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). I had 2-3 private classes a week, and she would usually give me an obscene amount of home work - well, thanks for that! After some time spent with study books, I came to a point when she suggested additional reading and gave me this book. I was supposed to prepare a couple of pages of reading once a week. By prepare I mean exactly what it sounds like - PREPARE. Translate every word - understand it in context. Write it down. Translate, write down the definition and construct in writing 5 sentences with the phrases underlined by my teacher. Usually those were expressions, like @dragged itself to a [email protected] - Gosh, I still remember it!

Well, I have to say that I have never finished the book in the way Galina Vasilievna wanted me to. In about half a year I just wanted to know @whats [email protected] and flipped through the many remaining pages in one evening, grasping the meaning despite the still words I did not know. Proud, I said to the teacher @I can tell you the [email protected] @It is not reading, my dear! I need you to learn the [email protected] she replied as calmly, as usually.

Many books have passed through my hands and mind, shaping my soul and life path since then. Most of them have been in English language. I studied for my Masters degree reading and writing everything in English. For several years I used to write a weekly column in English for a newspaper. For about four years [at the time of this review] 85% of my communications are in English. I am thrilled with the Gift to read English authors in their own language. And the door to all of this is my dear old teacher and the story of Daddy-Long-Legs and little Jerusha, writing him letters and falling in love...

As for the book itself: it was cute. I may read it once again, just to have a complete picture, non-fragmented with my initial page-a-week jumps...

Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

مشاهده لینک اصلی
Aww I simply fell in LOVE with this book!! And this is straightaway going to my ‘MOST FAVORITE’ Shelf without a doubt!! I am so glad that I found such a charming book without overlooking! I kinda love epistolary novels, which was one of the reason I picked up this book. It’s a story of a 17 year old orphan Jerusha or Judy (as she wants to be called!!) who is sent to college for her higher studies by anonymous trusty funding for her education and in return he only expects a letter from her, every now and then about her progress. And for the next four years she writes each and every happenings of her life to this anonymous trusty whom she calls Daddy-long-legs.
It’s quite mesmerizing the way author shows Judy’s character-development and maturity with each letter she writes. I loved everything about Judy. Her honesty, her innocence and her stubbornness! The beauty of her character was that she was very relatable! I never once got bored of her company throughout the book although it was only about her. She was so upright in expressing her feeling when she was angry likewise when she was happy! Oh she is the most adorable character ever!
I would recommend this book to each and every girl. It hardly takes a day to finish this!

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Yep. Cutest romance Ive ever read.

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